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Training a dog in public manners is much more intensive then training a pet dog not to jump on guests. There are over 100 items that a dog must be trained for on most Public Access Tests

Basic Public Access Cues to Teach and Proof

There are many ways to look at the basics for training a dog to live in our world. Some feel that sit, down, come, heel, stay and go to your place are enough and cover all exigencies. Personally, I feel they are only the beginning and don't cover those situations when the human isn't available to tell the dog what to do. In our Service Dog program, basics cover much more then just the minimum.  

I tell everyone, especially those who do think the six minimum behaviors are enough, to name everything. Dogs are context specific which means when they learn something, the entire environment is part of that learning. We "command" our dogs with those six basics because dogs are so environmentally driven. Telling the dog what to do when, takes the place of spending the time either "proofing" each behavior so that it isn't context specific or teaching the dog how to think for himself within guidelines and a rule structure.

Getting you to name everything (name every behavior) at least helps and the following are what you and your dog would learn while training for Public Access. Much of this is learned in level one and should be learned by every dog and human team that wishes to be certified as a Servicce Dog Team.

  • Around - go around that
  • Back up - move backwards
  • Bring It - bring me that item
  • Come - come to me right this instant
  • Directionals - left, right, forward, behind, between
  • Down - lie down right there
  • Drop It - spit that item out right now
  • Get it - go pick that up
  • Give It - drop that item in my hand please
  • Go / Go To - go over there or go find
  • Hold - keep that in your mouth for a while
  • In - get in that (tub, box, basket)
  • Kennel Up - get in your crate/kennel
  • Leave It - walk away from that without touching it
  • Load up - get in the vehicle
  • Off - put all four on the floor
  • Open - stick your nose in the crack and open that
  • Over - jump over that
  • Paws up - put all four of your paws up on this
  • Pull - tug lightly
  • Push - put your paw or nose on that and push
  • Settle - do nothing for a lengthy period of time
  • Sit - put your rear on the ground
  • Stand - get up on all four feet
  • Stay - don't move until released
  • Stop - stop moving right now
  • Take It - put this in your mouth from my hand
  • Touch It - put your paw or nose on that
  • Through - go between those two objects
  • Tug - pull hard
  • Under - go under that object
  • Wait - stay back there and don't come closer

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