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Membership in the Service Dog Alliance gives you access to our education platform, hands on training platform, and the core structured games for service dog task and public access training.  All classes and individual games are at a muchly reduced price then what is available to the general public at Play Your Way Academy.  Those in the assurance program are of course invited to the online academy free of charge for their second or third service dog.

Membership in the Alliance is free pending a review of your application by our officers.  

We are a positive reinforcement based group and will not tolerate any use of tools designed to shock, pinch, choke or restrict.  We also do not tolerate that which is not fear free such as alpha rolls, poking, pinching, kicking, pushing, or any other forceful means of moving the dogs body into positions.  

Trainers wishing to join the Service Dog Alliance must submit a video of yourself training a 6 month old puppy to do a general obedience behavior such as sit, down, stand, stay, come or heel.  A second video must by submitted of yourself teaching a dog older then 2 years how to "go to place".

If you are curious about fear free methods of training, please join us and investigate all the resources that we have.  We will not turn you away because you haven't yet embraced the philosphy of fear free.  Please understand that just because we train fear free does not mean we are permissive and just "ignore" behavior we don't want the dog doing.  Corrections are a form of communication about right and wrong done correctly.  Corrections do not have to hurt, cause discomfort or fear.  They are just information.

However, joining the assurance program means you have embraced our philosophy  of training.  You don't have to use our methods, although we would of course love that you did, but it is not required.  The only thing requred is that you train and live with your dogs, fear free.  That you do not use devices designed to intimidate, cause avoidance through pain or fear, or restrict the natural movements of a dog.  Training means using your brain, not an inanimate object.

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Phone: 727-686-4246

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