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Membership in the Service Dog Alliance gives you access to our education platform, hands on training platform, and the core structured games for service dog task training.  All classes and individual games are at a muchly reduced price then what is available to the general public at Play Your Way Academy.  Those in the assurance program are of course invited to the online academy free of charge for their second or third service dog.

Membership is free pending a review of your application by our officers.  

We are a positive reinforcement based group and will not tolerate any use of tools designed to shock, pinch, choke or restrict.  We also do not tolerate that which is not science based such as alpha rolls, poking, pinching, kicking, tapping, or any forceful means of moving the dogs body into positions.  

Trainers wishing to join the Service Dog Alliance must submit a video of yourself training a 6 month old puppy to do a general obedience behavior such as sit, down, stand, stay, come or heel.  A second video must by submitted of yourself teaching a dog older then 2 years how to "go to place".

We seek to "Do No Harm," physically or psychologically to dogs in our program or under our care or training. We understand that the do no harm philosophy creates training methods that are more effective, safer, often faster, and certainly more humane than training that relies on "commanding" and "controlling" dogs. The methods we support train a dog to high standards without the unwanted, unexpected and undesirable side-effects that are likely to result from the use of harsh methods and collar devices. We will not spend time here with people who do not share the same purpose. 

 The Service Dog Alliance takes an eclectic approach to understanding, explaining, and predicting behavior in order to uncover the etiology and pursue the treatment of behavior problems. We do not subscribe to any singular school of psychology or analysis but seek to draw on all that science has to offer us within a "Do No Harm" ethic. We use the Hierarchy of Dog Needs created by Linda Michaels PhD. The HofDN is not a treatise on Learning Theory but a guide to Standards of Care and Best Practices in pet dog training. 

• We are a community of Force-free dog trainers and dog lovers of every stripe who are here to support other Force-free advocates who believe that training should not include punishment or anything that causes fear, pain, intimidation or avoidance.

• We are a Resource where members come to share resources.

• We are Animal Welfare advocates, so you will see articles and resources that relate to improving the lives of all animals. 

• We are an Action-oriented group that seeks to drive change by example.  Whether it is in the  animal welfare arena or dog training in general, not just in the Service Dog arena.  We are always brainstorming how we can affect change in how humans view animals and especially Service Dogs so that their needs and welfare come first before the need to control.

5001 E 29th St
Tucson, AZ 85711

Phone: 727-686-4246

Thank you for contacting us. Someone will respond within the next 24 hours.